Our Story

Like many successful businesses, Cypress Financial Planning began with one individual’s desire for a better way. In 2005, our founder Jeff Jones—at the time working as an engineer at a major defense contractor—had recently proposed to his now wife. As a natural planner, he found himself seeking the advice of an acquaintance, a “financial advisor” employed by a national insurance brokerage firm. Initially impressed with the colorful charts and detailed analysis, Jeff optimistically hoped that the relationship would result in customized, actionable recommendations to help start his new family off on firm financial footing. But Jeff and his fiancé soon found themselves enduring a sales pitch for expensive insurance products touted as the answer to all of life’s financial challenges. Needless to say, they walked away disappointed.

The experience was enlightening and sparked a career transformation for Jeff. He spent several years researching and studying industry offerings and took a job at Goldman Sachs to learn the business from the inside. While working in the industry, he diligently designed an analytical approach and process based on what he would want in a financial advisory relationship. The main pillars of that process remain intact as the foundation for the unique, client-centered experience that Cypress strives to deliver:

  • Detailed, customized analysis considering the entirety of a client’s circumstances and lifestyle goals
  • Specific, actionable recommendations characterized by a fiduciary responsibility to “always do and recommend solely what is in the best interest of the client”
  • A “sales-free” environment with no investment or insurance product bias
  • Regular face-to-face meetings with clients to ensure ongoing, dynamic planning and goal attainment
  • Proactive communication and prompt responses

Cypress has continued to enjoy gradual, organic growth as a result of consistent client demand for this type of approach. In 2013, the firm expanded to include a second office in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Cypress currently serves clients in over 11 states, encompassing the majority of the Eastern Seaboard and beyond.