At Cypress, we know that nobody plans to fail financially—they simply fail to plan. As a result, 88% of Americans are worried about maintaining a comfortable standard of living in their retirement years. By studying all aspects of a client’s financial situation, we aim to make that comfort a reality. The sooner you start, the more likely you are to succeed. Our comprehensive planning model considers the entirety of a client’s financial life. We aim to match an investment approach to your individual goals and desires.

Investment Management

  • Individually tailored investment portfolio design
  • Strategic allocation & tactical investment advice
  • Ongoing portfolio management and rebalancing
  • Stress-testing and “what-if” scenario simulation
  • Benchmark and sector analysis

Long-Term Planning

  • Retirement sufficiency analysis
  • Life, disability, long-term care insurance analysis
  • Tax and estate planning consideration
  • College savings and funding options
  • Coordination with professional advisor team

Career-Related Advice

  • Major career decision analysis
  • Business succession planning
  • Stock option & deferred compensation plan analysis
  • Retirement account optimization
  • Social Security decision consultation

Household Budgeting

  • Family cash flow analysis
  • Long-term income and expense forecasting
  • Primary & secondary home mortgage analysis
  • Debt management techniques
  • Ongoing advice and on-demand client support